Rose Hertzberg Legacy Gallery ~ Direct Scans

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ds001 Quarry Pool ds002 Broken Columns ds003 Greenhouse in Wooded Park ds004 (Mountains, Rocks, Water 1 of 3 ds005 (Mountains, Rocks, Water 2 of 3
ds006 (Mountains, Rocks, Water 3 of 3 ds007 Tending Park Garden ds008 Still Life with Canteen ds009 Still Life, Bottle, Fruit, Blue Cloth ds010 Tree Trunk
ds011 Pink Beach Rock ds012 Misty fence and tree trunk ds013 Terraced walk ds014 Containers in shed ds015 Walkway to beach
ds016 Dunes ds017 Moored - beach skies ds018 Play ds019 Mariachis ds020 Mariachi (back of ds019)
ds021 Woman in pleated skirt ds022 Beach Palms ds023 Seated man with case ds024 Flying Balloons ds025 Bending Nude
ds026 Woman head & bare shoulder ds027 Bald man head & shoulder ds028 Picnic in the field ds029 Figure on back; knees bent ds030 House on hillside
ds031 Mountain shacks ds032 Promentory house 1 ds033 Promentory house 2 ds034 Marshgrass & Bridge ds035 Two boys fishing lakeside 1
ds036 Two boys fishing lakeside 2 ds037 Stone Shed ds038 Seaside House ds039 House on hill across inlet ds040 Shore house & pilings
ds041 Stony Beach at Woods Hole ds042 Moored Sailboat ds044 Seated black nude 1 ds045 Seated black nude 2 ds046 Path from house down to water
ds047 Small Greek Head ds048 (Pier & pilings & gear) ds049 (Blonde peering out rear window Chandler Dr) ds050 (Living room interior) ds051 Stone Wall
ds052 (same as ds003) ds053 Leaning Nude with smock ds054 Standing Nude with smock    

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